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Clare’s Story started 16th Feb 2023

4 month result
After 4 months of use Clare says "I am particularly happy to see that my jawline has evened out - previously one side sat lower than the other. This is a great result for me. The most important aspect was that the TMD symptoms that I had suffered for over 10 years, disappeared practically overnight " The improvement in symmetry is noticeable as the left side which was lower has lifted more than the right. The cheek on the left side was flatter and the muscles on the left side were lower as well. The nasolabial fold on the left side also does not look as deep as before. Changes are subtle but significant.
10 minutes later
4 month result

The Smile pictures

The improvement in symmetry is probably more easily seen in the smile pictures. The uplift of the soft tissues also means less of the lower teeth are shown when Clare smiles.

Close up of the smile

This shows how the tooth display has changed. As we age more of the lower teeth start to show as the soft tissues on the face sag. This uplift of the soft tissues and the improvemnt in facial muscles have also meant the ‘black tunnels’ at the corners of the mouth have reduced.

Black and white Pictures

The subtle results are more obvious in the black and white pictures. The lifting of the cheeks is more obvious here.

Increased blood flow

The increased blood flow and the change in the muscles causes an increase in volume and this reduces the position, depth and size of wrinkles. In a recent study done by an independent testing laboratory it was shown that after 2 weeks, wrinkles on the face reduced by 12.5% and there was a 20% improvement in the elasticity of the skin.

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