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Cathy’s Story – Cathy’s two year results show continued improvement! Best results so far

2 yrs 3 months later
Cathy's story shows how Oralift keeps working and is the best tool to help you age gracefully! Cathy says "Still LOVE my ORALIFT, the best tool in my aging arsenal!" Here you can see how the reversal of the aging triangle is giving Cathy fuller cheeks and has lifted the corners of her lips. The half smile becomes the norm and Cathy is showing a much more relaxed face. She had found that using Oralift has helped her to breathe normally again. and this has been maintained even after 2 years.
Before the start of the facial rejuvenation
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After 1 month
Natural facelift is already starting to work in 2 months
After 2 months
After 4 months
After 6 months
After 10 months
After 1 year
18 months later
2 yrs 3 months later

Black and white pictures

As usual these show the changes more clearly. The half smile has been noticed by many users and we call this the ‘The Oralift Effect’


Smiling Pictures

Although the smile is not exactly the same in the two pictures, you can still see it is a more attractive smile, possibly due to the reversal of the aging triangle and the improvement in the skin. The relaxed facial muscles must also play a part in the improved smile.

Black and white pictures

The improved face shape can be clearly seen even though the smile is not as broad as in the before picture. The triangular shape of the lower part of the face indicates a reversal of the aging triangle.


The smile

In  this series of pictures we are going to look at Cathy’s smile and see how it has improved. The 18 month smile looks better but why? The reversal of the aging triangle means less of the bottom teeth are showing than before.

Black and white pictures of the smile

These show how the change in face shape is affecting the smile

Close up of the eye.

The close up of the right eye shows how the wrinkles around the eye on this side have reduced. This improvement in the skin also affects the smile.

The eyes

You can see how the eyes look bigger and brighter.

The smile from the dentist’s perspective

A dentist would just look at the lips and the teeth when considering the smile but as we realise the smile is about the whole face


Finally the  18 month pictures show how the corners of the mouths have lifted up and these play a part in the improvement in the smile.

The improvements are continuing even in the rest period!

Cathy wrote on 4th of May: “WOW, It’s been an AMAZING 4 months using the ORALIFT!!!  I feel like I only ended up with about 20% total usage of your “approved” amount of time, however, I am still thrilled.  I may be one of those folks who get the 5* star results at the 3 year mark, but, nonetheless I’m thrilled with my results, much beyond any product or device that I’ve used for 4 months!  The things that I’ve noticed: lip lines diminishing, lifted and fuller lips with youthful coloring, slightly hooded eye lifting, horizontal forehead lines softening, 11s softening, cheeks lifting/fuller, resting with face “depuffing”, but my most LOVE is my neck results!  My turkey neck tightening, lifting, and neck rings disappearing.”  



Natural smile makeover at a fraction of the cost



Smiling pictures after 2 months

In the smile pictures you can see that the reversal of the ageing triangle means that the amount of tooth display of the lower teeth is reduced. Of course, the smile is not just about teeth: the corners of the mouth are lifting up, the eyes look more relaxed and the wrinkles around the eyes and the forehead look much better too.

Cathy’s Story

My accident took place about 30 years ago,  I had a full grown labrador retriever,  80 poundsish, and we were playing with a tennis ball.  He ran back to me, and jumped up colliding with me (his head, my nose). I can tell you, the impact was so intense that it almost knocked me out cold.  Most of the impact was on the bridge of my nose, and that’s where I experienced the most swelling.   I was able to get an appointment with an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor the following day, as I was concerned that I had broken something. He did xrays, checked me completely, saying that I had lots of swelling,  probably some tiny broken bones and damaged cartilage.  He told me to give it some time, and once the swelling went down, that we’d evaluate doing surgery to go in and make repairs.  Well, I adapted to mouth breathing,  the swelling went down, however, the nasal passage never really opened beyond about 20% usage. I found out from several friends that the surgery was a messy,  painful surgery,  (sometimes leaving your nose bridge modified externally) therefore I decided to forego it since my body had adapted to my new circumstances.  

Enter ORALIFT.. as I mentioned in our conversation,  I primarily purchased your product to help with the horrible daytime mouth clench that I developed during COVID lockdown. I have excellent teeth, that I choose to keep as long as possible, and wanted to address this problem before I started grinding.  I’ve also read that there’s many great side effects that could not be reported because of regulations.  That, and of course, the recommendation of the product by Christine Byer, who has built a great following because of her trustworthiness.  I fitted both devices, and went through the initial touch test.  That evening,  I began to notice something happening with an increase in my ability to breathe through my nose.  i began my initial wear day on 12/25, and after both of those wearings, I’ve had about 95% use of my nasal passages.  Unfortunately, I do not have documented medical testing on a device,  however,  my husband is a retired MD and can attest that I now sleep by using nasal breathing,  which has not been the case for decades.  

Your amazing creation,  has given me a miracle in my life. 


How to improve your smiling pictures?



The smile

The smile with the black and white filter looks more attractive after 2 months. We can also see the changes in the skin more clearly with the black and white filter.


How to make your eyes look brighter naturally?



The eyes

Here we can see how the crows feet are reducing.

How do you fix down turned lips?



The mouth

The corners of the mouth turn down as we age, giving us a sad look. These are starting to turn up, contributing to the mouth area looking more youthful.

Cathy’s Progress in her own words

Oralift (week 7 encouragement). I am attaching a very 2raw2 photo of something that I’ve been monitoring …my “accordian”/washboard lines. Maybe someone can give us the correct terminology. I must preface, that I’m “forcing wrinkles” by squiting/squenching, thank goodness my skin isn’t quite this bad yet, and now that Christine has introduced me to ORALIFT (and her luxury products), I’m hoping it never reaches this point. I became aware of the “softening”…no, they’re not gone, but heck, it’s only been 20 days of treatments averaging about 15 minutes each (64 years). My encouragement, hang in there, get fitted, get started, be intentional, you’ll be amazed too! I’ll be adding my 2 months pics in a couple of weeks and share more about my journey.

ORALIFT 2 months update: my 2 favourite thus far. Fuller lips with healthy colour (and the second/bottom has no lip gloss which would have been fuller), the “stronger” muscles in my jaw causing my mouth more upturn than the downturn that age causes, and my vertical lips lines starting to disappear OMG! I need to preface all of this and say that I’m only on 15 minutes (5mm)/ 45 minutes (3mm) at the two month mark. I ran into several times of overuse soreness, and had to trim my times back, so I’m gradually building. Looking forward to a full facial pic at month 4, after I’ve used the 5mm device for two full months. So excited, thanks again Christine for introducing me to this miracle product! Be intentional.



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Here we can see how the cheeks and the corners of the mouth have lifted up. As we get older, we tend to develop a sad look. By reversing the “aging triangle” the youthful, happy look is restored to the face: ” The Oralift effect.”


Smiling pictures

Here the cheeks look higher and the shape of the face is restored to a more youthful, triangular shape.


The lifting of the soft tissues (reversal of the ageing triangle), means that less of the bottom teeth are showing. The smile looks much more pleasing. The smile is not just about teeth! The eyes, cheeks and skin all play a part.

Improvements continue in the rest period

During the rest period, improvements to the face have not reverted, but in fact kept on improving.

Cathy herself commented that she continued ” to see gradual improvement in fine lines and wrinkling, especially in the neck and eye area.”

Black and white filter

The most dramatic improvement is probably to Cathy’s mouth area and this is emphasized in the black and white pictures.

Smiling pictures

Here we can see how Cathy’s smile has changed. With aging, we would expect to see more of the lower teeth, as in Cathy’s “before” picture. Her tooth display has changed with the use of Oralift to give a more youthful smile. The upper tooth display has increased and the lower decreased. We are seeing the reversal of the aging triangle!


One year results!

The improvements in mid face(increased volume) , hooding above the eyes and the lips are very noticeable. The after picture was taken in the middle of the 4 month rest period. The picture after the two month wear period showed some signs of overuse. The rest period allows the healing to continue and the signs of overuse disappear

Signs of overuse disappear!

The 10 month and the picture taken 2 months later in the rest period show that the signs of overuse seen in the 10 month picture have disappeared

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