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Alison’s Story – Alison is a trained facialist and yoga instructor and started her Oralift Journey on the 13th of June 2022

5 months later
Alison's 5 month results show that even in the rest period the improvements carry on. The reversal of the aging triangle is seen in the change of the face shape, lifting of the cheeks and improvement in the lip volume. The hooding above the eyes is much better too.
10 minutes later
2 weeks later
2 months later
5 months later

Black and white pictures

The improvement in the hooding above the eyes can be seen very clearly here.

The smile

The smile shows the improvement in the skin, the lines under eyes have improved and of course the hooding above the eyes. The smile overall looks nicer.

The smile in black and white

The subtle changes can be seen more clearly here. The slowing down of the aging process on the face has now started and with continued use of Oralift will continue for years to come.


Posture from the left side

The posture improvements have been remarkable for Alison and started very quickly and have been maintained.

Posture from the right side

Improvement in posture from the left side has been maintained as well.


The posture improvement has continued and you can see how it has affected the whole body

Posture from right side


The posture improvement can be seen from both sides

10 minute result

After 10 minutes the results are subtle for the face but the hooding above the eyes is dramatically reduced.


The improvement in head posture is also quite dramatic. The deprogrammed head and neck muscles react very quickly to improve the head posture. This is a three dimensional correction and affects the whole body. Alison had taken her first pictures before her onboarding appointment which explains the change of clothing. The after pictures were taken after just 10 minutes of wearing the two devices i.e. 5 minutes with the 5mm and 5 minutes with the 3mm.

Posture – the left side

This improvement is not just related to the head but the whole body – see how the tummy seems flatter and the bottom is tucked in! Of course, wearing  a jumper makes these changes more difficult to see but if you compare the head position to that of the shoulders, the change becomes more obvious.


Posture –  right side


The right side shows the same improvements.

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