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Alice started in July 2023

After 7 months
After 6 weeks Alice went on holiday and was expecting, after a lot of sun exposure, for her skin to look worse. But Alice's skin actually improved. After the first 2 weeks, Alice had no signs of overuse, so wanted to explore different wear patterns. Alice has now been using Oralift for 7 months and has continued to see great improvements.
After 10 minutes
After 2 weeks
After 6 weeks
After 2 months
After 7 months

A slightly different way of wearing your Oralift

After two weeks Alice had no signs of overuse and felt she could use the Oralift more. Alice switched to using the Oralift every other day for the next two weeks and began to see further improvement.  Again, after no signs of overuse, Alice decided she was ready to use the 5mm device, she started using this every other day, once a day. Alice is now stopping after two months of wear instead of the initial recommended 4 months, and will continue to monitor her progress during the rest period.


Black and White

The black and white images clearly show the brown spots are greatly reduced and the wrinkles under the eyes have significantly improved.


Alice’s smile has changed, less of the lower teeth are showing and the black tunnels at the side of the mouth are starting to become less visible, especially the right hand side. The wrinkles under the eyes have noticeably reduced, and symmetry of the eyes appears to be improving.


Here you can see more closely how the wrinkles under the eyes have reduced and the skin between the eyebrows has improved, giving an altogether smoother look to the skin.

Side view

Alice’s chin is now slightly more forward, her jawline more defined and head posture is much better. The lips are fuller giving a much more pleasing look.

Black and white pictures

Despite being in the sun for two weeks Alice’s skin is looking smoother and there are fewer brown spots. You can see the corners of the mouth lifting, which is due to the changes in the muscle form. The Oralift effect is creating a more pleasing face shape.

Here you can see, even after 2 weeks in the sun in Turkey, Alice’s skin has continued to improve. Although there are more brown spots which is expected after being in the sun, the wrinkles under Alice’s eyes have disappeared.


The smile

Here you can see the corners of the mouth have continued to lift and in addition, the corner of the right eye has also lifted.

Black and white smiling pictures

The wrinkles under the eyes have continued to decrease and the nose is looking slightly narrower. The black and white pictures clearly show lessening of brown spots, despite being in the sun for 2 weeks.

Black and white posture pictures

The 10 minute improvement of the head posture has continued as shown in the curve of the back of the neck.

Black and white

You can see in the black and white pictures, there has been a dramatic improvement in the skin. The skin looks smoother and the complexion more uniform.

Black and white pictures of the eyes

Here you can see the wrinkles under the eyes have considerably reduced.

Alice’s 2 week results

Changes are subtle, the face shape is changing as the soft tissues are lifting up. There is reduction in wrinkles underneath the eyes as the increased blood flow to the face and changes in the muscles create an extra volume to the face.

Black and white pictures

You can see more clearly with the black and white pictures, the middle frown lines are disappearing

The asymmetry around the mouth is evening out and the corners of the mouth are lifting

Black and white pictures

The black and white pictures as usual, show the changes more clearly.

Close up of the eye

Close up shows the reduction in the wrinkle under the eye


The deprogrammed muscles affect the way our head rests on the top of the vertebrae and you can see how the head posture has improved even after just 10 minutes of using Oralift!

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