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Track Your Progress The Oralift Kit has been designed so that you have everything you need for your Oralift journey

You will be shown how to take your photographs and do a simple test to assess the state of your facial muscles.

A series of short videos will take you step by step through the fitting of the Oralift device. You will learn how to monitor your own progress and your App will be your record and guide throughout. You will see how simple the initial steps are to enable you to embark on your journey…in a very short time Oralift will become part of your health and beauty routine.

Oralift Mobile Companion App

You can download our app to track your progress, receive notifications and instantly access our helpful guides and videos.

Oralift online web portal

Our online web portal will provide you all the information you need to fit the Oralift device and monitor your progress

The Oralift Touch Test

The Touch Test has been designed for two purposes. The first is to assess the state of your facial muscles in order to devise your Oralift programme. If your muscles are tense, you will have to start your programme gradually.

The second purpose is to help those who have a clenching or grinding habit stop this habit.

The Touch Test can be done manually with a pen and pad, or electronically with the Oralift App. It takes just five minutes and gives you time in your day when you can completely relax!

Facial muscles start to adapt as soon as you put the Oralift device in your mouth.

Most people comment that they feel a sensation in their facial muscles when they first use Oralift. Sometimes, noticeable changes on the face can be seen as early as ten minutes. Usually, you should be able to see some changes within two weeks. The changes are gradual and the best way to monitor them is by before and after pictures. There should never be any pain throughout your Oralift journey.Oralift is a long term, ongoing treatment that allows you to be the best that you can be naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our frequently asked questions here.

If you are still unsure, you can email a member of our team who will be delighted to assist you.

You are not alone; your success is our success. We believe in you and we believe in Oralift!

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