After 1 month
“ When I first tried the device with Sue, within 24 hours my left ear and eustachian tube which historically felt impacted, had opened up. And a large amount of ear wax came out of my left ear as well. All of these quick changes point to shifts in my skull bones and tissues and really get me excited to use the device.” After one month, Leda's cheeks look fuller and her eyes look brighter, and the improvements we saw after ten minutes have continued.
After 10 min
After 1 month

This series of pictures will track Leda’s progress over the next 4 months

Black and white filter

The black and white filter is better to see the results. Here you can see how the shape of the face is already starting to change and the skin is also smoother.

The side view shows how the jawline looks more defined. All this in just 10 minutes. Facial muscles respond instantaneously!

Leda’s wish for fuller cheeks starting to happen

Leda’s skin is looking smoother , her eyes brighter and lips fuller. She had hoped Oralift would give her fuller cheeks and this is starting to happen as the aging triangle is reversing.

Firmer Jaw line

Here we see Leda’s jawline is becoming more defined and her posture has improved. This view is from the left side

Right view

The right view shows the jaw line on this side has also improved