after 2 months
the subtle changes after 10 minutes are now starting to become quite noticeable. The shape is becoming more oval, the lips are fuller and the wide jaw is becoming narrower.
After 10 minutes
After 2 months

Black and white pictures


These show more clearly how the reversal of the aging triangle is affecting the shape of the face and the width of the lips reduces to give fuller lips


Posture of the head

The head sits more on top of the shoulders improving the circulation to the head and neck


As we age our lips get wider. With the reversal of the aging triangle we see a change in this. Lips look more attractive


Wrinkle reduction under eye

There is slight reduction in the number of wrinkles under the left eye. In a recent study it was shown that there is a 12.5 reduction in wrinkles in two weeks when using Oralift

Face shape

There is slight increase in volume due to changes in muscles as they deprogramme and due to increase in blood supply to the face. Lips therefore look a little fuller.