Oralift - Oralift


Option 1

Oralift Kit

This option is for those of you who are very confident at following instructions. The App is full of information which you will need to read and understand about the treatment.

• Oralift kit with 2 devices
• Access to Oralift App and web portal
• Step by step instructions
• Series of videos
• Facility to take and store your photographs
• Facility to compare your photographs
• Progress chart
• Notifications when to use Oralift

Option 2

Oralift Kit & your personal online advisor

This is for those of you who are quite practical but need a little helping hand to guide and motivate them to embrace this treatment which involves a simple lifestyle change.

• All the benefits of option 1
• Access to your personal trained Oralift Advisor’s appointment Diary
• Appointments at your convenience
• Support through onboarding process
• Follow up review appointments
• Help in understanding your photographs
• Flexible appointment availability

• The cost of this option is £350 from Oralift UK

Option 3

Oralift from a Trained Professional

This is for people who want the treatment to be delivered by a trusted Oralift professional.

• Treatment from your chosen professional.
• Fitting/supervision of fitting your devices
• You can choose how many appointments you would like
• Your trained professional will take standardised photographs
• Help to monitor your progress
• Help and support throughout your Oralift journey