Option 1

Oralift with online support

• Now Zoom support appointments where you can meet with one of the Oralift team are now available free for a year after purchase
• These can be booked directly from your App after onboarding
• There is a maximum of 5 people for these appointments
• 1-2-1 Onboarding and Review appointments can still be booked for a fee on the Oralift Store
• You will never be alone with Oralift !

Appointments will be offered in your time zone.

Option 2

Oralift from a Trained Professional

• Initially, Dentists trained in various countries.
• Enthusiastic about courses and treatment but comfort zone teeth not faces and anti aging.
• Estheticians came onboard, very enthusiastic
• DIY model with app introduced, reducing need and demand for professional support.
• Oralift offers Zoom and email support.
• Limited number of professionals still available for treatment / support.
• You may be able to find one here: