Option 1

Oralift Kit

• Oralift kit with 2 devices
• Access to Oralift App and web portal
• Step by step instructions
• Series of videos
• Facility to take and store your photographs
• Facility to compare your photographs
• Progress chart
• Notifications when to use Oralift

Option 2

Oralift Kit & your personal Oralift advisor

• All the benefits of option 1
• Access to your personal trained Oralift Advisor’s appointment Diary
• Appointments at your convenience
• Support through onboarding process
• Follow up appointments at 2 months and 4 months
• Help in understanding your photographs

Option 3

Oralift from a Trained Professional

• Treatment from your chosen professional.
• Fitting/supervision of fitting your devices
• Your trained professional will take standardised photographs
• You can choose how many appointments you would like
• Help to monitor your progress
• Help and support throughout your Oralift journey