Oralift Kit - Oralift

The Oralift Kit

The Oralift kit contains all you need to get you started:

  • Your purple 3mm and pink 5mm Oralift devices in their purple and pink cases
  • Your Treatment Guide
  • The items you need to fit your devices
  • Series of videos
  • Facility to compare your photographs
  • Progress chart
  • Notifications when to use Oralift
  • Access to the Facebook Group where users can share their experiences
When you order your kit you will be able to download and access the Oralift App. You will be given an App code on your purchase invoice.  
The App has been designed to take you through your Oralift treatment step by step, accompanied by a series of videos. There are support options available if required. You can book online appointments or you can take your kit to one of our trained Oralift professionals.  

Regain and maintain your youthful vitality with this unique beauty tool which uses the power of your own body to regenerate!