Oralift l Oralift videos to answer how it works, what it is and the benefits

Oralift explained in a series of videos

You will find here a selection of videos about Oralift.
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Oralift programme part 1 – Introduction

Oralift programme part 2 – Photography

Oralift programme part 3 – Sue’s live fitting

Click the image below to watch Sue our Oralift team member fit the device in real time!

Oralift programme part 4 – The touch tests

Oralift programme part 5 – Significance of the touch tests

Oralift programme part 6 – The Regime

Oralift programme part 7 – Signs of overuse

Oralift programme part 8 – Significance of rest periods

Oralift programme part 9 – Flexibility of the programme



What to do when my device pops-up?

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Why should I purchase Oralift?

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Which appointments can I have with Oralift?

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Am I suitable for Oralift?

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Q&A 1st video – How does Oralift work?

Watch the co-founder of Oralift, Fran Mohindra, explaining in less than 2 minutes how Oralift works!
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How Oralift works?



The Oralift App

Oralift has a number of unique features, not least of all the Oralift App, of which we are very proud!

Not only does the App take you through your treatment journey with a series of videos, you can use it to remind you of your wear sessions and  to take photographs to monitor your progress. The App contains all the information you need and is your go to tool to guide and motivate you to maximise the results of this revolutionary treatment.

Click on the picture below to see the video  showing the App.


The key to your success with Oralift


Track your progress with the App – Use our unique photographic comparison tool

We are so confident you will see results with Oralift, we have provided this tool for you to monitor your photographs. Watch this short video below by clicking on the picture, to find out how easy it is!

The Photographic comparison tool


Oralift on Fox News – USA

Listen to Randi Naughton interviewing Jane Mann about Oralift.

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Randi Naughton asks about Oralift on Fox News


Oralift on CW Las Vegas TV – USA

Here Jane talks about Oralift, the best tool to rejuvenate your face.

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CW Las Vegas covers Oralift


Oralift explained: an App for an anti-ageing treatment?

Click the picture below to watch our short video about Oralift and how you can track your progress with our intuitive Mobile App!

How to use Oralift?


Ask me about the Oralift

Leading aesthetician from USA, Jane Mann, says “In my professional career, I truly believe that Oralift is one of the most effective tools someone can add to their anti-ageing routine! It is simple, effective and works with the body’s own ability to regenerate“.
Click the image below to listen to Jane Mann’s explanation of Oralift.

Ask me about Oralift on YouTube



FAQs about Oralift

“What makes Oralift different from mouthguards?”
“Can I use Botox and fillers with Oralift?”
” I have missing teeth, can I still wear the Oralift?”
“How much should I wear the Oralift?”

In this video Jane Mann answers those questions and even compares other anti-ageing treatments with Oralift! Click the picture to watch the video.

Oralift Q&As on YouTube

Oralift launching DIY

Click the picture to watch the video.

Launch of Oralift DIY


Oralift stands the test of time

TV presenter Kimberley who introduces this video, is still using Oralift after 10 years and was so delighted with the results that she introduced her lovely Mum to it. Now both are delighted!
Click the picture to watch the video.

Oralift stands the test of time



Oralift Brazil

Here we have Dr. Lucilla Largura from Brazil interviewing Dr. Nick Mohindra. Dr. Lucilla is a leading aesthetic dentist who heard about Oralift and came to London to attend one of his courses. She was very impressed with her own Oralift results and wanted to introduce the treatment to Brazil. You can see her pictures on our Success Stories.
Click the picture to watch the video.

Dr Mohindra interviewed by a Brazilian aesthetic doctor





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