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The Oralift Device was developed and patented by Dr Nick Mohindra, a London dentist who was interested in facial pain and went on to pioneer the Dental Facelift.

Whilst working in this field he noticed that regaining lost facial height resulted in improving and delaying the signs of facial ageing. He also found that patients reported improvements in their skin too – The simple but remarkable Oralift device was born, it fits over the lower teeth, is individually programmed for you and looks like a small mouth guard.

Previously the Oralift device was only available via a Dental Practitioner but Dr. Mohindra was keen to make the treatment more readily available. Fast forward to 2019 and the Oralift DIY model is now available with a new App/Web portal

How It Works

Oralift takes advantage of the ability of the facial muscles to adapt. This concept is well proven in orthodontics. Facial muscles are unique and not like any other muscle in the body and can adapt instantaneously! What is this process of adaptation? The process of adaptation involves:

A metabolic or physiologic adjustment within the cell or tissues, of an organism in response to an environmental stimulus resulting in the improved ability of that organism to cope with it changing environment.

Oralift has been described as “groundbreaking” by the Cosmetic Surgery Guide.

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Adaptation, not exercise!

The process of adaptation of facial muscles is not the same as exercise. The process of adaptation is crucial to the survival of the species. The chain reaction triggered when Oralift is worn, is shown in the videos below.

21st century answer to facial aging

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How it works

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Biological Aging

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No Chemicals. No Pain. No Surgery.

This is how Dr. Mohindra believes Oralift works and has the anti-ageing effect; When the muscles of the face are relaxed with the lips together the teeth are generally slightly apart. The space between the upper and lower teeth is referred to as the ‘freeway space’ and is usually 1-3 mm. At this relaxed position there is a minimal amount of electrical activity occurring in the facial muscles to maintain muscle tone.

When Oralift is worn, the magic begins… with no chemicals, no pain, no surgery!


Latest study carried out with a leading dental school in London and published in the Open Dentistry Journal.

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Oralift is an ongoing treatment

When someone wears the Oralift device the teeth are separated by a much greater distance than their original free way space. The muscles on the face react by altering their fibres to create a new resting length and a new freeway space. This process involves greater protein activity for which muscles need more oxygen and to achieve this, any capillaries which have been damaged due to ageing are repaired. The repair process, initiated by the muscles, also releases a Mechano Growth Factor (discovered by Professor G Goldspink), which triggers the body’s healing & rejuvenation process. Ongoing treatment continues to deliver improvements & slows down ageing of the face.

Layman’s explanation of the scientific paper published by Kudos:

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A true anti-ageing treatment involves lifestyle changes

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