Is the programme flexible?

The programme we have devised is tried and tested, and is safe and guaranteed. Can Oralift be used in different ways?

The crucial element is to test the state of your facial muscles to determine your starting point. This is why a unique Oralift touch test was developed. This test is explained in the video here.

The onboarding touch test divides people broadly into two groups: at the extreme end there are people whose muscles adapt very quickly and they can wear  either device for as long as they like right from start. At the other end are those  whose muscles find it difficult to adapt. These are people with tense facial muscles who may find they can only wear the device for as little as a minute. Most people are somewhere in between these two extremes.

Group 1 with relaxed muscles are likely to have more flexibility.
Group 2 with tense facial muscles should follow the programme according to the results of their Touch Test, and progress very gradually.

The aim is to make the second group’s muscles healthy so that they become part of the first group. Find out in which group you are in, here.

Even if you are sure you are in the first group, we would recommend that you follow the Oralift programme for two weeks before trying any variations, to make sure your muscles are very adaptable.

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Healthy facial muscles for everyone is the key

Variation examples

  • Variation 1:
    2 months wear and 4 months rest: wearing the 3mm for one month everyday for 30mins and then introducing the 5mm gradually for the 2nd month while still wearing the Oralift for a maximum amount of 30mins everyday, then do the 4 months rest period.
  • Variation 2: 
    Wear the device on two set days each week rather than every third day.
  • Variation 3 : Wear the device once a day up to the maximum of 60 minutes

Other programme variations:

Obviously there could be an infinite amount of programme variations and we cannot guarantee these. It’s important to make sure you do not get signs of overuse and you are monitoring your results regularly.


The significance of rest periods

Oralift is based on the principle of adaptation, which is not the same as but similar to exercise. In exercise programmes, it is recommended not to overwork the same muscles. With Oralift, we want to ensure there is never any pain from overworked muscles, and we know that the programme with two days rest in between gets results! The important point to remember is that you do not get signs of overuse and you do not let Oralift become a routine. That is why the 4 months rest periods are important.