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Dr Nick Mohindra had a passion in life, he wanted to break new ground within the dental profession, to really make a difference. Nick began to treat patients with facial pain and quickly developed a theory about reduced facial height. His first paper was published in the British Dental Journal in 1996 and in 1998 the Daily Mail featured an article about dentures that make you look younger. The practice was flooded with enquiries for the treatment which Nick called the ‘Dental Facelift’. During this time he discovered that patients started to look better just by wearing the device he was using with his Dentalfacelift patients, before any dental work was done – Oralift was born, trademarked and patented!

Why Not?

Listen to Dr Mohindra being interviewed by Dr. Payman Langroudi as part of his Dental Leaders Podcast series. We hear how Dr. Mohindra adopted a radical approach to a number of aspects of dentistry, but was always mindful of putting his research and findings on a scientific basis. Patient reported outcomes are now recognised as crucial to progress in science and this is what inspired him to open new doors.

A politician patient once remarked that Dr. Mohindra’s innovative thinking was worthy of a Nobel Prize!

103: Why Not? With Nick Mohindra

Nick and Fran Mohindra - Founders of Oralift

Nick and Fran Mohindra

Oralift pioneer Nick Mohindra was born in India and moved to Kenya when he was 5 years old. In 1965 he went to Edinburgh to study dentistry where he met his wife Fran. Fran and Nick were married in London in 1971 where Nick was working as associate. Fran was working as a teacher and they had three children, two sons and a daughter..

In 1973 they bought their first dental practice in South Wales and Fran stopped teaching to help Nick run the business. Their professional plans were all mapped out at this point, but life had different plans in store

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The Dental Facelift

The Dental Facelift procedure invented by Dr Nick Mohindra involves “raising the bite” and increases lower facial height between the tip of the nose and the bottom of the chin. The muscles of the face adapt , some lengthen and some shorten and the process reverses the signs of facial ageing.

This full procedure in dentate patients involves fitting crowns or veneers that are slightly taller than the previously worn or damaged teeth, and in denture patients involves making new dentures at the increased height. In the paper published in 2002, it was shown that patients could look 5-20 years younger with this treatment. It was from this invasive procedure that the Oralift device was born.

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Scientific research

Scientific Research

We are often asked why the Oralift device “is not more widely adopted if it can provide amazing results without surgery or downtime? Why isn’t it offered by every major dentist and dermatologist?” Dermatology Review 2018

It is frequently stated that it takes an average of 17 years for research evidence to reach clinical practice. The Dentalfacelift technique is only now becoming popular 17 years after the initial research was published. The paper on Oralift was published in 2018 and we are determined that with the ease of communication afforded by the internet and social media, Oralift will achieve the prominence it deserves in a much shorter time.

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Oralift Worldwide

Oralift Worldwide

We want Oralift to be a global product and gradually it is being embraced by other countries. Italy was the first…as we know Italians are known for their love of aesthetics. Brazil, the fourth largest global beauty market, came next but Oralift was only being provided by dentists, whose passion is teeth first and foremost! South Korea followed but in their enthusiasm for the treatment, they breached regulatory issues with their claims.

Now Oralift is being introduced to the USA and other countries will follow…and we are ensuring that it is promoted ethically and at an affordable price. This wonderful, revolutionary treatment should be available to all!

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Nick's History

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