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Natural facelift device rejuvenates your face at home with the connected app previously only available from dentists

If you are concerned about facial aging, the Oralift natural facelift device can help. It is achieved by wearing a mouthguard type device for short periods. Believing the philosophy that exercise is the best form of natural medicine, this home facelift device works on a similar principle in that it uses the body’s natural ability to adapt, and rejuvenates the face without surgery, pain, injections, or chemicals. All this for £219 ($295 USD) which is less than the average price of a single Botox injection and this will last you for years!

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What makes Oralift unique?

Confused by the number of facial exercise devices on the market? We all know the benefits of exercise to body and mind. Oralift is unique because it does not use the principle of exercise, but the process of adaptation, essential for survival of a species. This means that people whose muscles are already overworked and exhausted and those with healthy and relaxed muscles will both benefit. With Oralift there should never be any pain.

Another unique feature of Oralift is the test which has been designed to assess the state of the muscles and  enables the user to have an individually set programme.

You can track your progress with the Oralift App, again with its photographic comparison tool a unique feature designed to enable you to monitor your own before and after photographs.

These unique features are what makes Oralift stand out from the crowd. It’s a self delivered, natural  facial rejuvenation system which is not only effective, but safe. A revolution in the antiaging movement is quietly taking place.

Oralift stands the test of time

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Developed from the extraordinary results of the dental facelift by Dr Nick Mohindra

Oralift makes global news

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Natural, healthy muscle development takes time but creates long-lasting results.

Oralift explained

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Learn more about Oralift and how to use it

Unique Oralift connected App

Keep track of your progress, monitoring your journey as you look better and better

Your Oralift device will be individually programmed for you, everyone is different, and we all respond differently.

You will need a smartphone to use the App, which will allow you to record how long you wear the device and you can use it to set reminders. You can take the photographs in the App and monitor your changes with our photo comparison tool. Remember we guarantee results with Oralift, so tracking progress and monitoring improvements is key!

Track Your Success
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Oralift natural facial rejuvenation treatment

The Oralift Kit: £219 ($295)

2 devices that are fitted for you.

You will receive 2 devices that are individually programmed for your face. They look like a small mouth guard and are worn for short periods for as little as twice a week. These simple but remarkable devices provide noticeable facial rejuvenation naturally and without surgery.


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