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Vitamins that will keep your skin looking firm and youthful

Vitamins that will keep your skin looking firm and youthful

Vitamins that will keep your skin looking firm and youthful

Whilst there are many ways to hold onto your youthful looks for longer, such as avoiding the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays during the hottest hours, drinking plenty of water, and trying out tools like the Oralift anti-aging device, good health is where it starts. Remember: your skin is your body’s largest organ, and as such, it’s important it gets the right vitamins to stay looking healthy and glowing. Vitamin deficiency can lead to skin issues such as dark spots, redness, wrinkles, dryness, and rough patches, so start with the basics to achieve great skin health…


Eat your way to glowing skin with Vitamin C

Consider vitamin C a miracle ingredient when it comes to your skincare. Not only does it have antioxidant properties that can fight cancer, but it plays a big role in collagen production, which will keep your skin subtle and youthful. It decreases cell damage and can help speed up the healing process of wounds, and fends off the signs of aging because it helps to kickstart your body’s natural collagen synthesis, so make sure you’re stocked up!


What’s interesting to note is that vitamin C can be found in abundance in your skin itself – particularly in the epidermis (outer layer of your skin) and the dermis (inner layer of skin), so replenishing your skin’s supplies is a smart idea if you want to look your best. It’s easy to incorporate more vitamin C into your diet – citrus foods like orange and orange juice, as well as plant-based sources like spinach and broccoli. The truth is that vitamin C deficiency is rare, but if you are concerned, consider taking vitamin C supplements or looking for skincare products that include vitamin C, promising to reduce dryness, redness, and age spots.


Make Vitamin D a priority

One of the best things about the ‘sunshine vitamin’ is that it’s made when your body absorbs sunlight, converting cholesterol into vitamin D. It’s pumped through the body to maintain and create healthy skin cells, which is why it can play an important role in evening out your skin tone. It enhances your skin’s immune system and can destroy free radicals that can lead to premature aging. Taking a supplement could reduce the appearance of acne and psoriasis.

You can boost your vitamin D intake by getting ten minutes of sun per day, eating foods that are fortified with vitamin (like breakfast cereals and yoghurt) and foods that naturally contain vitamin D, typically fish such as salmon, tuna, and cod, as well as egg yolks and red meat.

Those who are pregnant, over the age of 70, or are minority ethic in some parts of the world may need more vitamin D. It’s worth speaking to a GP about taking vitamin D supplements. It’s also possible to make your own vitamin D face mask at home with egg yolk, yoghurt, and oats – Nuffield Health has put together a recipe and instructions to help you get started.


Don’t underestimate Vitamin K

Another essential vitamin for your skin is vitamin K, which can aid your body’s process of blood cutting, helping to heal wounds, bruises, and areas of your body affected by surgery. Vitamin K is also known to reduce the appearance of scars, dark spots, circles, and lines under your eyes, spider veins, and stretch marks, so it could be worth upping your intake.

If you want to increase your vitamin K intake, add more cabbage, lettuce, spinach, green beans, and kale to your diet. You can also find vitamin K in skincare creams, with more brands introducing vitamin K solutions. Stylist Magazine says it’s a ‘complexion-boosting ingredient that’s increasingly causing a buzz in the beauty sphere’ and has rounded up some of their favourite vitamin K creams like the Sesderma K-Vit Dark Circle Serum, Medik8 Calmwise Soothing Cleanser, and Dermaceutic K Ceutic Post-Treatment Cream.


Boost your intake of the vitamin E antioxidant

If you’re a fan of laying on the beach, sipping away on a cocktail, vitamin E could be the skincare ingredient you need. Its main function is to protect your skin from sun damage, as it absorbs the harmful UV rays, helping to prevent the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles. Your body will naturally produce vitamin E by secreting oils from your skin’s pores, helping to condition your skin and prevent dryness and dullness. However, if you have particularly dry or dull skin, you might want to consider upping your intake with vitamin E skincare products.

It’s important to remember that vitamin E isn’t a miracle cure, and exposure to the sun can still cause damage to your skin, prematurely aging your face and perhaps putting you at risk of conditions such as skin cancer. However, upping your vitamin E intake could make a difference and slow down the aging process, so add more nuts and seeds to your diets, such as almonds and sunflower seeds. There are a number of topical creams on the market such as Vitamin C+E Complex, Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, and Vitamin E Eye Balm that contain vitamin E, too. A word of warning: vitamin E is acnegenic and could lead to skin breakouts.


Understanding the importance of each of these vitamins and ensuring your getting your recommended daily amount could help you achieve flawless skin. If you’re looking for other ways to rejuvenate your skin, click here to find out more about Oralift and how it works

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