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A pain-free alternative to Botox

A pain-free alternative to Botox

In a recent survey titled ‘Are We Bored of Botox?’, it was revealed that 3 in 4 Botox users would prefer a pain-free alternative – a rather large percentage of anti-ageing advocates!

Of course when Botox and fillers first appeared they hit the market by storm, and it’s no wonder. These surgical procedures improved the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of thousands, if not millions of people who sought smoother, younger skin in a blink of an eye. But they came at a price…

Both expensive and painful, the results were worth the discomfort and financial outlay. As these anti-ageing procedures gained popularity, the numbers of clinics and beauticians administering them increased, at an alarming rate. Competition meant that prices were driven down, but with this came an increase in the ‘black market’ of Botox.

The lack of guidelines and control over this industry allowed a wave unscrupulous businesses, totally ignorant of the implications and possible risks of administering powerful substances, to undertake these procedures on unassuming patients.

This left many people experiencing terrible repercussions from botched surgery and gave the industry a bad reputation.

It comes as no surprise that a government review on injectables found that a lack of control over these traditional anti-ageing surgical procedures was not only dangerous, but it meant that consumers were turning to safer, less painful alternatives; in his review, Sir Bruce Keogh said that it was a ‘crisis waiting to happen’. This investigation lead to calls for tighter guidelines on who can administer surgical procedures such as dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections, though naturally, it still remains a worry to those on a quest for a younger appearance.

Consumers needn’t lose all hope though, thanks to a new revolutionary procedure. As a dental professional with a special interest in facial ageing and aesthetics, Dr. N. Mohindra has noticed a remarkable increase in demand for Oralift. Dubbed ‘groundbreaking’ by The Cosmetic Surgery Guide, Oralift is a natural treatment which is designed to reverse the signs of facial ageing, by non-surgically rejuvenating the appearance of the patient’s skin.

Dr. N. Mohindra, a pioneer of Oralift, explains how the groundbreaking methodology behind this product is not only safe and painless, but also easy to use and has no side effects.

“Oralift is a unique device created to freshen and tone the face using a small mouth guard appliance designed to fit over the lower teeth. It requires absolutely no recovery time, and has none of the risks associated with Botox. You simply wear it for 2 hours, twice a week.”

— Dr. N. Mohindra, Oralift.

For those who have been put off by Botox, or even those who are looking for a pain-free and safe alternative, Oralift may be a solution they’ve been waiting for. A quest for younger, firmer and healthier looking skin needn’t be a dangerous one any longer, thanks to this new groundbreaking, non-surgical solution!

“There is no denying Oralift works and in light of the ongoing cosmetic surgery review, with so many consumers looking for alternative treatments at the moment, it’s understandably becoming quite popular.”

— Laura Casewell, Definitive Guide to Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics in the UK.

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