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How to achieve a more natural look

How to achieve a more natural look

We might be spending more money on beauty than ever before, but according to research, wearing make-up does little to boost a woman’s attractiveness. The rise of social media and influencers has changed the way we think about our appearance, and as such cosmetic procedures such as lip fillers and tattooed eyebrows are more common than ever before. But if you’re going for a more natural look, we have put together some pointers to help you out…


Look after your canvas

The key to achieving a natural, glowing look is to have a good canvas to work on. Keeping an eye on your skincare routine and looking after your face is important, as it means you can wear less makeup and let your natural beauty shine through. Cleanse twice a day and tone your skin regularly, and clear up any skin conditions such as acne and blackheads with natural treatments to ensure you have a smooth texture, reducing the need for concealer. If you suffer from redness or irritated skin, choose soothing and hydrated products and treat issues at the core. Use retinol and Vitamin C serums to reduce pigmentation and fine lines.


Get the basics right

Before you start applying makeup to your face, get the basics right. Choose a good-quality facial moisturiser that’s designed for your skin type, whether oily, dry, or combination, and remember that your skin can change through the seasons, so having a few go-to products will help. As well as moisturising, you should think about applying sunscreen or sunblock that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays, and prime your skin to blur wrinkles and pores and create a smoother texture, which will make makeup glide and ensure your face holds the makeup throughout the time. Consider combination products like BB cream to save time and benefit from moisturiser, sunscreen and primer without using three products.


Go light with concealer

Though it can be tempting to cover every imperfection on your face with a concealer, think about the bigger picture and instead only apply concealer to the areas where you really need it, whether that’s dark circles under your eyes or red cheeks. Applying too much concealer to your face not only creates a ‘cakey’ look but clogs pores and can lead to skin conditions.


Don’t overdo it with blusher

If you’re trying to achieve the no-makeup look, it’s important to be subtle with blusher. Apply it as normal, and then go over it with your foundation brush to help mute bold colours and achieve a softer, more natural-looking finish. You want a rosy glow, not bright pink cheeks!


Consider the Oralift device

Whatever your age, the chances are that you’re worried about fine lines and wrinkles, and want to reduce their appearance. Rather than covering them over with makeup, consider the Oralift anti-ageing device, a mouthguard that is worn for short periods and helps to rejuvenate your forgotten 43 facial muscles, encouraging natural cell repair and “turning back the clock” without surgery. Click here to find out more and see some of our success stories.


Don’t forget about your brows

Your eyebrows have a big impact on your look, and there are so many ways to style and sculpt them that it can be overwhelming. Avoid over-plucking your brows (they’ll look more natural if they’re left alone). Rather than shaping your brows, just pluck hairs that are out of place or too far away from your brow line, and let nature do the rest. Consider threading for a lighter look, and use an eyebrow stencil if you’re guilty of colouring outside the lines. Finally, apply any brow products with a ‘flicking’ motion to mimic your hair to achieve a realistic look.


Keep your lips moisturised

Dry, chapped, and flaky lips will encourage you to overdo it with lip pencils and products, which will take you away from the natural look you desire. Before applying balms, make sure you exfoliate away any dead skin from your lips using a hydrating lip scrub or you can buff them using a toothbrush. If you’re gentle, exfoliating can make your lips appear healthier and bring out their natural colour, so much so that you might decide not to use a lip product at all.


Apply lipstick with your fingers

Whilst we’re on the subject of lipsticks, let’s talk about application techniques. To achieve a more natural and realistic finish, say goodbye to applying lipstick from the tube and instead rub your finger on the bullet of a shade just darker than your usual colour, and press it onto your lips. You can blot with a tissue and it’ll leave a stained effect, which is more natural and long-lasting. Long day? You can “lock-in” the look with a clear matte lip gloss over the top.


Do you have any other tips for achieving a natural look? Let us know on Twitter @Oralift and check back soon to our anti-ageing blog for regular advice on looking your best, every day.

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