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How do I stop grinding my teeth and clenching?

How do I stop grinding my teeth and clenching?

Waking up with a sore face and not sure why? A lot of people clench and grind their teeth while they sleep without even realising, which can cause many issues in the future.  

Most people don’t think of clenching and grinding as something that has any great risk, however if this is happening on a regular basis it can cause a number of problems, and needs to be addressed. 

But how exactly does it cause harm?  

Teeth, jaw muscles and Temporomandibular joints can all be affected meaning this can cause aesthetic changes to your face, wear down teeth, lead to tooth loss, as well as harming your neck and jaw muscles that are used to open and close your mouth.  



Regularly grinding your teeth is known as bruxism – this can happen when you are asleep or awake. If you are grinding your teeth during the day this is usually as a response to stress, anxiety, anger or simply habit. Individuals can become more aware of what they are doing and therefore start to make efforts to stop.If you are experiencing bruxism while you sleep – this is when you need to get help. Not only are we unaware that we are clenching and grinding, but we also do not know just how strong we are clenching, which can cause a series of issues.  

What causes teeth clenching and grinding?  

The lifestyle choices that you make can have a large affect on whether or not you grind your teeth. Things like consuming a lot of coffee, smoking, drinking and taking drugs can all increase your chance of grinding your teeth. If you do not partake in any of the above it can also be your body responding to stress, anxiety and anger – getting help with stress management can also be most helpful to prevent any harm. 



While it may sound like clenching and grinding is pretty obvious to notice – sometimes the symptoms are not that related making it tricky to spot. Some of the symptoms to look out for include: 

– Earache  

– Headache  

– Aching jaw 

– Locked jaw 

– Jaw clicking  

– Pain with eating  

– Painful and loose teeth 

– Facial pain  

– Teeth wearing down  


Introducing Oralift 

Oralift is an anti-aging device which can also help you put a stop to your teeth grinding and clenching, as well as providing many other health benefits. Oralift is a mouth guard that is designed to be worn for short periods of time and that will help to rejuvenate the face without using any chemicals, needles or surgery.  

But how does Oralift prevent clenching? To put it simply – it won’t be some magical trick that you will use once and never clench or grind again. However, it will help create a trigger that will restrain the original trigger that causes you to clench. This in turn can help you on your journey to preventing grinding and clenching in a healthy and simple way.  

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