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Does Oralift work?

Does Oralift work?

“Does Oralift work?” is a question we’re often asked. This week, answer it…


Oralift offers groundbreaking facial rejuvenation through a small mouthguard device, designed to be worn for short periods of time with rest breaks.

Hundreds of users have said Oralift has helped them to counteract some of the harmful effects of ageing, rejuvenating their face and offering other health benefits to boot.

But is it the right product for your needs?

If you’re considering purchasing an Oralift device, you may naturally be sceptical about whether such a small and inconspicuous product can have any meaningful impact on your face.

Even more so when you consider alternatives can cost thousands and require going under the knife.

We’ve put together everything you need to know to help you make an informed decision…


Developed by dentists

Perhaps the most important thing you need to know is that Oralift was developed by Dr Nick Mohindra, who, after qualifying as a dentist from Edinburgh University in 1969, entered into the profession and bought his first practice in South Wales in 1973.

Personal circumstances forced a move to Ashford, Kent and the start of Nick’s journey into facial aesthetics. Nick wanted to break new ground within the dental profession and developed a theory about reduced facial height.

Nick published his first paper in the British Dental Journal in 1996, and two years later, The Daily Mail published an article about dentures that can make you look younger.

The practice was flooded with enquires, and thus the Dental Facelift (an early version of Oralift) was born.

Nick soon realised that patients looked better by wearing the device before any dental work was done, and patented Oralift to offer his patients a natural alternative to cosmetic surgery.


Study published in The Open Dentistry Journal

One question we’re often asked is why the Oralift device is not more widely adopted, and why it isn’t offered by every major dentist and dermatologist around the world.

The truth is that innovation started in General Practice can take a long time to become established.

Clinical trials can be prohibitively expensive and take, on average, 17 years for their findings to reach clinical practices.

That’s without mentioning the failings of randomised clinical trials, with sample, selection, and measurement bias skewing results in the favour of multinationals, views backed up by The London School of Economics and Political Science.

We were proud to publish our first mini-review and pilot study in Open Dentistry Journal in 2018, and we believe that with the ease of communication afforded by the internet and social media, Oralift can achieve the prominence it deserves in a much shorter time.

After all, we’re offering patients the chance to “turn back the clock” – 17 years is far too long to wait for that!


Treating patients for 20 years

The Oralift (and The Dental Facelift) technique has been used for almost two decades in General Practice in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Korea, and other countries who are now cottoning on to the Oralift revolution.

We’re committed to building a global product and helping as many women (and men!) feel good about their appearance, so it’s great to see Oralift being embraced by other countries.


Growing list of satisfied users

We could spend thousands investing in new clinical trials, or we could let the results speak for themselves.

Oralift users report a whole host of benefits, including reduced lines around the mouth, eyes, and face, reduced bags under the eyes, and increased fullness of the lips.

More prominent cheekbones, tightened and strengthened facial muscles, and increased blood flow to the skin are also commonly reported benefits.

Users also report a stronger, firmer jawline and neck, improved hair quality, and even repaired pores.

The proof really is in the pudding.

You’ll find Oralift case studies on our website featuring real people and real results, with genuine, non-professional photographs taken over a number of years.

In each case study, we look at the shape of the face, skin texture, side view, smile, and break down the ageing triangle to point out to changes to their appearance.

We hope you’ll agree that the results (even in those who have only used Oralift for a short period) are impressive, and that you’ll be willing to give our facial rejuvenation device a go.


The purpose of this article was to dispell the myths and help you to realise the benefits of our groundbreaking anti-ageing device. If you have any further questions about using Oralift, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer support team, who are on hand to help.

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