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Do the corners of the mouth sag?

Do the corners of the mouth sag?

Do the corners of your mouth sag? We get it – It’s frustrating to look in the mirror one day and
see that your face is slowly changing. Sagging of the corners of the mouth can be caused by a
number of things. Let us take a look at what mouth corner sagging is and how we can treat it.

What causes the corners of your mouth to sag?

Sagging of the mouth is primarily caused by ageing. Ageing skin causes an increase in the
strength of the depressor anguli oris (DAO) muscles, located on both sides of the jaw near the
mouth area. Overuse of these muscles can cause drooping mouth corners, leading to a face
that appears sad, angry, or tired even when those emotions aren’t present.

Over time, collagen and elastin levels in the skin degrade which can lead to sagging or lax skin,
particularly around the mouth. This can cause drooping mouth corners and marionette lines,
which extend downward from the edges of your mouth and create a more serious appearance.
These lines form due to the reduction in fat and bone in the face, making them particularly
difficult to treat effectively. Other facts that may cause the corners of the mouth to sag include:
Smoking can have an adverse effect on skin health, leading to a depletion of vitamins, nutrients
and collagen. As a direct result of this impairment, the skin is unable to “bounce back” from
facial expressions; instead it becomes looser or saggier over time.

Genetics may also contribute to a person’s facial characteristics; in fact, parents could pass
down their specific looks to their children.

How can we treat sagging mouth corners?

Fortunately, there are things we can do to help reduce muscle contraction and create a more
youthful appearance. While you are probably waiting for us to recommend some sort of invasive
medically cosmetic solution, we’re here to tell you the exact opposite!

Oralift provides an effective solution to mouth sagging by treating the source rather than solely
tackling the symptoms. This method of adapting to a changing environment is proven in
orthodontics and unique to facial muscles; it involves an instantaneous metabolic or physiologic
adaptation which enables that organism to better cope with said changes. At Oralift, we
understand this process deeply and strive to help you find relief.

No Chemicals. No Pain. No Surgery.
Get in touch today and say goodbye to jaw pain for good!

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