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5 reasons why you should avoid facial surgery

5 reasons why you should avoid facial surgery

We’ve put together some of the reasons why you should avoid facial surgery.


We’re more obsessed over our appearances today than ever before.

The rise of social media and celebrity culture has encouraged us to spend more time taking selfies and looking in the mirror, analysing every inch of our bodies to find imperfections.

Whether it’s a little bit of extra weight, bags under the eyes or a nose that’s too pointy, it seems like many of us are unhappy with the way we look and want to make changes.

And because of that, the cosmetic surgery industry has exploded, reaching £3.6 billion in the UK. In the United States, analysts predict the industry will top US$23 billion by 2023.

Though botox and dermal fillers make up around nine out of every ten procedures, there’s also a growing trend towards invasive surgeries such as facelifts and nose jobs, too.

However, going under the knife isn’t always the best solution, as we outline below…


It can be risky

Before even considering a consultation, it’s important to understand the risks associated with cosmetic surgery.

As well as scars, nerve damage, infections, blood clots and collapsed muscles, pre-existing conditions are known to cause complications if you put your body under unnecessary stress.

Heart disease, diabetes and obesity can all have an impact on your health when you go under the knife, causing complications and, in extremely rare cases, even the risk of death.

As well as the risks to your health, there’s the risk that the procedure simply won’t work.

Breast implants, for example, can cause a host of issues such as rippling and deflation, whilst liposuction often leads to fat rebounding after just a year on your arms and stomach.


There’s no guarantee you’ll be happy

Newsflash: you only get one face.

If you start making changes through cosmetic surgery and don’t like the results, you can’t turn back the clock or ask your surgeon to reverse their work.

It’s easy to think that you’ve got nothing to lose by opting for plastic surgery, especially if you are unhappy with the way you look, but there’s no guarantee you’ll like the finished result.

And you wouldn’t be alone.

According to a study from the Aesthetic Surgery Institute, a third of patients were unhappy with at least some aspect of their facelift.

And Insights from the Norwegian Social Research revealed that young women who undergo cosmetic surgery are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression than those who don’t.

Cosmetic surgery might be able to change what’s on the outside, but it can’t tackle any underlying mental health issues such as body dysmorphia or a lack of self-confidence.

What’s more, research shows that cosmetic surgery may make you appear younger, but not necessarily more attractive – bad news if you want to change your face to find a new lover.

A campaign from the Journal of the American Medical Association asked 50 people to guess the age and rank the attractiveness of 49 plastic surgery patients. Though most thought that the patients looked younger, attractiveness scores did not show any significant change.


It can be addictive

“One small procedure and I’ll be happy with the way I look.”

It’s easy to pin your hopes on cosmetic surgery to bring happiness and self-confidence, but procedures can become addictive if you have an underlying issue with your appearance.

If you’ve convinced yourself that you need a facelift to be happy, you might expect that all of your dreams will come true once you wake up after your surgery – but that’s not always the case. In fact, it might have the opposite effect and spur you to look to have more work done.

As plastic surgery becomes more common, socially accepted and affordable, more people are reporting plastic surgery addiction, which is why it’s recommended to speak with a therapist before committing to having work done, to ensure you’re in the right frame of mind.

Patients can feel incredibly driven to get cosmetic procedures, and once they start altering the shape of their face and body, they’ll find other flaws they want to fix; a real vicious cycle.


It’s expensive!

A facelift might make you look younger, but it can also wipe out your bank balance.

Whilst the cost can vary greatly from clinic to clinic and the extent of your procedure, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few thousand pounds up to £20,000 ($3,000-$25,000) and that’s without the cost of consultations, follow-up care and time off work for your recovery.

For many, funding a procedure outright is impossible, so turning to loans is the only way.

Be very careful before you put your financial stability on the line – seek professional advice before you get into debt, as the stress of financial hardship could bring those wrinkles back!


There are natural alternatives

Finally, consider natural alternatives to facial surgery before you go under the knife.

Bananas aren’t miracle cures and tomatoes won’t turn back the clock, there are many superfoods that can reduce or reverse the signs of ageing you could add to your diet.

As well as leading an active, healthy lifestyle, there are other things to consider, too.

Ice baths, meditation, walking, yoga, massages, cuddles, nature, time off work, facial exercises, mindfulness, puzzles, sleep, routines, posture, social life and sex are all known to slow down ageing, so get experimental and see what you can do to stay looking younger.

What’s more, Oralift, a device designed to reduce and delay the signs of facial ageing, should be added to your weekly health and beauty routine to keep you looking your best.

Oralift users have reported a whole host of cosmetic surgery-busting benefits over the years, including reduced lines around the mouth, eyes, and face, reduced bags under the eyes, and more prominent cheekbones.

Others have noticed improved hair quality, pore repair and the increased fullness of the lips.

Find out more about Oralift on our website and remember: natural alternatives are not only much safer and cheaper, but they help you make the most of your face without resorting to cosmetic surgery procedures.

You have a lot less to lose by trying natural and alternative methods than putting yourself through the pain and stress of surgery!


Have you had facial surgery? Is it something you’d consider? Share your stories on Twitter via @Oralift and check back to our blog regularly for updates on looking younger for longer.

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