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Anti-ageing skincare techniques for the over 70s

Anti-ageing skincare techniques for the over 70s

We’re all guilty of trying to hang on to our youth for as long as possible. Today, people are living longer than we ever have, so we’re all trying to look as young as we can later in life. 

Dermatologists and cosmetic experts are seeing more women in their 70s looking for ways to look younger and take better care of their skin. 

Unfortunately, we still haven’t found the secret to everlasting youth (when we find it, we’ll let you know).

Although the goal for many women is the same, the way of achieving varies dramatically. Our skin changes as we get older, so the same methods we once used may longer be relevant or beneficial. 

Certain products that once helped our skin can be harsh and damaging as we get older. Plus, when you’re in your 70’s, there are extra risks with cosmetic procedures. Recovery time typically lingers and the risk of complications is higher – this only increases as you get older. 

So, the best approach to anti-aging when you’re 70 is to focus on good skincare. Here are a few anti-aging skin care techniques for the over 70s: 



One of the biggest issues with mature skin is that it dries out much quicker than it used to. This is due to a decrease in our natural oil production. 

One of the golden rules of skin care is to moisturize. As you get older, this becomes more important as your skin won’t retain moisture like it once did. 

If you aren’t doing so already, you need to be moisturizing at least twice a day. Try to make it a part of your daily routine – like when you clean your teeth for example. 

In terms of the moisturiser you use, consider the following factors:

  • SPF: The sun is one of the biggest contributors to aging skin. Make sure your moisturizer has a minimum of SPF 30 and that you apply it in the morning – especially if you will be spending time outside on a daily basis. This will help reduce the harsh effects of the sun on your skin. 
  • Ingredients: Your skin is producing less of the natural goodness it used to. Keep an eye out for key ingredients like Vitamins C and E – great for your skin. Also look out for coenzyme Q10, a key ingredient that combats aging, a humectant (this draws moisture into your skin), and a sealer (this prevents moisture from leaving your skin through evaporation). 
  • Choices: Product choice is important. Look out for products that contain any of the following nourishing ingredients – shea butter, ceramides, hyaluronic gel, petrolatum, and urea. These help sensitive skin, which most people over 70 will have. 


Avoid Dryness

If you haven’t gathered from our first tip, dryness is public enemy number one. Whilst moisturizing plays a big role in combating this, there are other things you need to do to combat dryness. 

Cleansing is important, whether you’re 20 or 70. However, the way you do it is very different. Cleansing too often will only irritate your skin, so only wash your face once or twice a day max. Avoid harsh exfoliators at all costs.

These are any that contain beads or any granular material. These will only irritate your skin. 

Instead, opt for thicker, creamy cleansers. These are rich in moisture and will be much kinder on your skin. When drying your face, use a soft cloth to dab your face instead of wiping. Leave some water on your skin so that it can be absorbed and keep your face moist. 

Hot showers can also be an issue as we get older. A super-hot shower will remove the natural oils in your skin, which is a problem as we get older because our skin produces far less oil than it once did. Reduce the heat if you can (you don’t have to have a cold shower) and whilst steam may open your pores, it dries your skin out in the process. Moisturise immediately after you shower to avoid your skin drying out. 


Avoid Certain Products

There are so many anti-aging products on offer that it’s hard to know where to start. Price isn’t always an indicator of quality, but it’s a fairly safe bet. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for with skincare. Look for moisture-rich products, that contain vitamins and other essentials that we mentioned earlier. 

Avoid harsher products, as your skin will only get more sensitive with age. Surprisingly one ingredient to avoid in your 70’s is Retin-A. Whilst it’s been proven to stimulate collagen, it can irritate and dry out the skin. When you’re younger, this isn’t as much of an issue and if you’ve been using the product for a long time it’s ok to continue using it into your 70’s. However, if you haven’t used it previously, do not start now. It will only do more harm than good, and irritate your already sensitive skin further. 


Final Thoughts

Anti-aging techniques can feel like an uphill battle in your 70s. However, follow these tips and you’ll not only look after your skin, you will fresher and more confident. We’re only as young as we feel, so take this freshness and confidence you’ll start to feel younger sooner than you think!

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