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Aesthetic treatments you can try from the comfort of your own home

Aesthetic treatments you can try from the comfort of your own home

With the COVID-19 coronavirus forcing all of us to self-isolate, you might be wondering how you’re going to be able to keep on top of your usual beauty regime.

Whether you have dabbled in cosmetic surgery in the past or are simply looking for a pick-me-up to boost your confidence and turn back the clock, there are many aesthetic treatments to consider.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites you can try without having to step foot outside…


Alpha hydroxy acid

Though the idea of applying acid to your face may not sound all that appealing, creams and lotions with alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid can have a big impact on your skin.

A “miracle cure” for clogged pores, acne, or ageing skin, AHAs are now found in most skincare products.

They help to exfoliate, brighten your skin, and boost collagen production.

A study in the US has also found that AHAs can improve the skin’s texture, reduce hyperpigmentation, and even improve the efficacy of your other beauty products.

That’s because they penetrate the skin and increase the skin’s absorption levels: great news for your creams, moisturisers, and lotions.


Light treatments

One trend that has exploded in recent years is LED light treatments, with red and blue lights reportedly able to improve the appearance of some wrinkles and aged skin.

They can also have an impact on acne and inflammation, and though at-home devices are expensive and less effective than treatments a beautician can offer, they can prove worthwhile if you want to treat skin concerns, though results can take time and regular sessions will be required.

If you do opt for an at-home LED face mask, make sure you invest in one that has been FDA or MHRA-approved, as some research has linked low-cost devices to serious eye damage.


Facial exercises

Another option to consider – particularly for those suffering from sensitive skin – is exercising your face.

If it’s good enough for Meghan Markle, it’s good enough for us! With more than 50 muscles in your face, performing light facial exercises can replenish your muscles’ oxygen supply, thus improving your complexion and helping you achieve a natural glow.

We’ve put together our favourite exercises for you to try out below, but there are hundreds on YouTube!


  • Jaw stretch: The jaw stretch is great for firming up double chins and trimming excess fat off the jaw. Pucker your lips to one side, turn your head and lift up 45 degrees. Hold for a few seconds until you feel a stretch, and repeat on the other side.



  • Face firmer: A natural alternative to face fillers and lower facelifts, the face firmer requires you to engage your entire face, toning, defining, and activating your cheeks. Form an O with your mouth, fold your lips over your teeth, and smile. Place your fingers on your cheeks, applying pressure, before closing your eyes, pulling your chin away from your face, and holding for 20 seconds. Repeat this process three times.



  • Eye firmer: Sick of your crow’s feet and baggy eyes? Form a V with your fingers, place them on your eyebrows, apply pressure, and look up to the ceiling. You can then raise your eyebrows to form a squint, relax, repeat six times, and squeeze your eyes shut for ten seconds. This is great for giving your face a temporary ‘boost’.




The groundbreaking facial rejuvenation device, Oralift, is another aesthetic treatment that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Previously, Oralfit was only available via a trained practitioner, but the new DIY Oralift Kit with advisor option is a convenient at-home choice, with virtual appointments with a trained expert and access to the Oralift mobile app.

How does it work, we hear you ask? Simple: Oralift, which is designed and manufactured in the UK, is a small mouthguard, worn for short periods with rest breaks. When used over time, Oralift has been seen to counteract many of the harmful effects of ageing, rejuvenating the face and offering additional health benefits to boot.

And, unlike daily facial exercises, which require patience and spare time, Oralift is worn for two hours, every third day, whilst you read, watch TV, or iron – perfect if you’re always busy!

It’s gained recognition from cosmetic surgeons as being one of the most impressive products to reduce and delay the signs of facial ageing and has a growing global fanbase. You can find out more about Oralift and its dedicated app on our website, where you can also see real results from users of the device around the world, demonstrating the power of Oralfit.


Chemical peels

Over-the-counter chemical peels can also offer some of the benefits of a beauty treatment from the comfort of your en-suite, buffing away dead skin and leaving you with a healthier complexion and a natural glow.

We recommend that you stick to superficial peels – don’t buy anything that’s reserved for use by a clinician, even if it’s available online – as it can lead to infections, permanent skin discolouration and even scarring.

And be sure not to peel skin too often – aestheticians suggest two or three sessions per month to protect your skin’s health.


Trying out an aesthetic treatment from the sofa is not only more comfortable and convenient than heading to a beauty salon, but it allows you to experiment and find a solution that works for you. Check back to the Oralift blog soon for more anti-ageing tips, tricks, and guides.

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