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7 skincare hacks to help you get back your glow

7 skincare hacks to help you get back your glow

As we age, our skin can become duller, dryer, and lose its definition. It’s easy to cover over these imperfections with a good foundation and highlighter, but if you want to hold onto your natural, glowing skin for longer, it all starts with a good skincare routine and lifestyle. Below, we have rounded up seven strategies to help you achieve glowing skin, whatever your age.


Drink more water

One of the easiest ways to achieve naturally glowing skin is to ensure you’re well-hydrated. As we age, our skin gets worse at retaining moisture, so it’s even more important that you’re drinking enough fluids throughout the day. Invest in a good water bottle and sip away as often as you can – experts recommend women drink between two and three litres of water per day – that’s on top of diuretics like soft drinks and coffee. An added benefit of keeping your skin well-hydrated is that it can slow down the ageing process, helping to maintain your skin’s natural elasticity. Dry skin, on the other hand, is more prone to wrinkling, making the skin appear uneven and accentuating lines and wrinkles, so make an effort to drink more.


Eat a healthy diet

Another way to achieve a glowing complexion is to review your diet and make changes that will benefit your skin. Some of the best foods for healthy skin include fatty fish, avocados, walnuts, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, red and yellow bell peppers, and broccoli. Other foods to add to your meal plans include tomatoes, soy, dark chocolate, green tea, and red grapes. Eating a diet high in sugar is bad for the skin – Lauren Blum from Marie Curie quit sugar for one week and said her face felt “renewed”, and like it was “glowing from the inside out”. Sure, we all need a cupcake and a hot chocolate from time to time, but cutting back your sugar intake could have a seriously positive effect on your appearance, so give it a go.


Stop washing your face

There’s nothing better than washing your face at the end of a busy day. But if you’re washing twice or even more frequently than that, you could be causing unnecessary stress to your pores, causing you to age prematurely. When you wash your face, you’re stripping away the natural oils and serums in your skin, which can lead to redness, dryness, and irritation. Only washing your face once per day allows your skin to regulate itself and, in time, glow. Instead of reaching for your usual cleanser, rinse your face on a morning with some warm water, and then give it its usual scrub on an evening. Within a few weeks you should notice a difference.


Moisturise once per day

It’s a common misconception that moisturising your face is for aesthetics alone. Moisturisers are packed full of vitamins which improve both the health and appearance of your skin, with Vitamin A, B5, C, and E the most important. You should moisturise after a bath or shower, and do so no more than once or twice a day. Your face sheds skin cells more rapidly than other parts of the body, and thus moisturising helps you to repair it, stimulating circulation and encouraging new cell generation. Moisturising can also reduce skin problems and conceal blemishes, which can result in a more natural, youthful-looking complexion.  There are far too many moisturisers on the market for us to cover here, but we encourage you to shop around and, when trying a new cream, give it at least three weeks to see the benefits.


Exfoliate twice per week

Dead skin cells can build up over time, leading to clogged pores, blackheads, dark spots, and more pronounced wrinkles. Exfoliating regularly can combat this, improving circulation and lifting dead skin cells from your face. Exfoliation is even more important if you suffer from dry skin, though you should avoid using any mechanical exfoliation products on your face to avoid microtears. For those with sensitive skin, use a mind exfoliator with a gentle washcloth, and for those with oily skin, use a scrubber, performing gentle circular motions. Once or twice per week is enough to reveal a natural glow underneath; just be sure to go gentle to avoid damaging your skin and always follow the instructions on any face scrubs.


Consider the Oralift anti-ageing device

Another way to get back your natural glow is to invest in the Oralift facelift device. Our mouthguard-type device is designed to be worn for short periods, with rests in between. It was developed under the belief that exercise is the best form of natural medicine, and works by activating and rejuvenating the 43 forgotten facial muscles – without the need for surgery or chemicals. Users have reported a wide range of benefits, including brighter skin and a natural-looking complexion. With a money-back guarantee, there’s never been a better time to try it. Click here to see and hear from real women about how Oralift has helped them.


Look for products with skin brighteners

Finally, keep an eye out for skin brightening products that can assist you in achieving that natural-looking glow. Vitamin C is one of the star ingredients, as it can brighten the skin, whilst Vitamin B3 can slow pigment production and lighten the appearance of dark spots. When used over time, these skin brightening products can help to illuminate your face, with effects typically visible within a couple of weeks. Naturally, you’ll need to use these products every day for maximum results, so choose one that doubles as a moisturiser or facial scrub.


There you have it – some skincare hacks that can help you get back your glow. If you have any other suggestions, let us know on Twitter @Oralift and check back soon for more advice.

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