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6 ways to make yourself feel good as you get older

6 ways to make yourself feel good as you get older

As we age, it’s easy to lose our confidence and feel like we’re “past it”. Whether you’ve gone through a messy divorce, you’re suffering from empty nest syndrome after your kids have moved out to start their own lives, or you’re simply feeling down about yourself, there are lots of ways you can raise your spirits and self-esteem. Below, we’ve put together a few ideas.


Give yourself a makeover

We’ve seen the clichés – a woman suffers a midlife crisis, has a makeover, finds a charming and impossibly attractive younger boyfriend, the world is turned upside down. The truth is, life doesn’t always play out as it does in the fairytales, but spending some time looking after yourself is a great way to give you a boost as you get older. You don’t need a facelift or a designer dress: something as simple as a new lipstick or hair colour can revitalise your look.

It’s easy to feel like you’re in a style rut when you enter your 40s, 50s, and 60s, and perhaps you’re growing tired of the same hairstyle that you’ve had for most of your life. Now is a great time to freshen yourself up – it’ll give you more confidence and a new lease of life. Head to the hairdressers and try out a new style and colour, and treat yourself to a few new pieces of clothing from your favourite store. Better yet, try a clothing store that you usually wouldn’t visit and challenge yourself to buy – and wear – something that’s out of your comfort zone.

Over time, you can update your wardrobe and get back that passion for dressing up and looking your best. Your partner will thank you for it, and you’ll feel like a whole new woman.


Put yourself back on the dating scene

If you’re single, perhaps now is the time to put yourself back on the dating scene? Sure, you might have been tempted to ‘give up on men’ after suffering from a few setbacks, but we all want someone in our lives to look after us. Whether you download dating apps like Tinder or Bumble or you head out on the town and find a partner the good, old-fashioned way, dating again can help to relight your fire and take your life in a whole different direction. Identify the type of man or woman you want to meet, and put the feelers out – dating can be great fun!

We get it: dating can be daunting. Making the first step will be the most difficult, but once you’ve had a few matches from handsome guys, you’ll soon realise you are desirable and you’ve “still got it”. Whether you’re in your 40s or your 80s, it’s never too late! We’ve rounded up some advice on what you should do before you start dating again after a breakup.


Consider our anti-ageing device

Not happy with what’s looking back at you in the mirror? As we get older, we start to notice changes in our face shape and skin, and it can really knock your confidence. Although it’s a fact of life that we all get older, there are ways you can reduce the physical signs of ageing and look your very best. One of those is the Oralift anti-ageing device, a mouthguard that is designed to activate your face’s “forgotten” muscles to deliver a natural, at-home facelift.

Users of the Oralift device have reported a wide number of benefits. From reduced bags under the eyes and an improved complexion to an improved smile and increased fullness of the lips, there are so many reasons to consider using Oralift. Click here to find out more.


Learn a new skill

Mastering a new skill is a great way to challenge yourself as you get older and add some variety and excitement to your life. Whether you take up painting, play an instrument, learn French, or take yoga classes, trying out something new can help scratch an itch and keep you occupied. An added benefit is that you’ll meet new people and make new friends. Being a beginner again can be tough – it’ll take you out of your comfort zone and perhaps make you think differently about yourself and the world around you. Dive into something new and see where it takes you – it’ll help you grow as a person and build your self-confidence, too.


Stay connected

As you get older, it’s easy to lose touch with friends and acquaintances and for your social circle to shrink. What’s concerning to hear is that a recent study found that a lack of social connections was as great a risk factor for early death as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Being able to socialise is great for your mental health, and reduces the risks of depression and anxiety. If you’re struggling to reconnect with those from your past, join a group where you can socialise with people who are of a similar age to you. It could be that you volunteer at a food bank or even start a monthly wine club at your local bar. Catching up will give you back your spark and ensure your calendar is chock-full – who wants to sit at home watching TV!?


Get physical

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of exercise as you get older. Maintaining regular physical activity can help to prevent common diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and it improves your immune function. Exercise produces feel-good endorphins which can serve as a stress reliever and improve your sleep, whilst physical activity is also linked to improved cognitive function. Studies show that exercise can cut your chances of dementia, and exercise improves your strength, flexibility, and balance, which reduces the risk of falls.

You don’t need to sign up for a marathon – a brisk walk around your neighbourhood will do wonders for your mental wellbeing, and ensure you’re getting some fresh air and Vitamin D.


Do you have any other tips for making yourself feel good as you age? Let us know on Twitter @Oralift and check back to the blog soon for more valuable anti-ageing tips and tricks.

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